About Strukton

We are passionate about technology, focusing on rail and civil engineering works and technology-driven specialist fields. We distinguish ourselves with a number of unique specialist fields.

What They Do / Client Capabilities

We aim to contribute to a sector that guarantees the quality and safety of rail transport, road infrastructure and technical systems and buildings.

Our clients are mainly located in Europe, and in selected countries worldwide. We have some 6,500 employees and annual revenue of EUR 1,9 billion.

We operate in three markets:

Rail systems

Maintenance, renewal and new construction of rail infrastructure and electric train systems, both heavy rail and light rail

Civil infrastructure

Design, realisation, management and maintenance of infrastructure projects

Technology & buildings

Design, realisation, maintenance, development and operating of technical systems and buildings in the Netherlands

Integrated projects

Within each of these markets, and across markets, we work on PPP concession projects and financing solutions. We also provide project and contract management for integral PPP and MEAT tenders (Most Economically Advantageous Tenders). We provide full SPC management for PPP assets awarded, both during the realisation and operation phase.

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