About Powerman International

The Team Powered to Deliver

The State of Qatar has tales galore to tell about its stupefying infrastructure
development. With the continuous changes in the skyline and the multiplying
number of road networks. Qatar positions itself on a fas-paced development
track. We, Powerman, joins this fast-track without well-executed and
streamlined infrastructure development solutions and services.
Began as a novel venture by a team of industrialists, Powerman stands tall
today with a strength of over 625 employees and a growing clientele. We have
been providing service to various infrastructure sectors including oil and gas
petrochemicals, and public/private transportation, since the year 2000

Roads and Infrastructure Division

Roadworks and maintenance contracting has been a stock-in-trade for many years
and, consequently, Team Castle has an applaudable track-record to its credit. A
noteworthy part of our road-works division is the maintenance and resurfacing of the
existing roads on behalf of the local authorities and contractors.

The Capabilities:

Our road-works division has played a part in the construction of:
• Motorways and State Highways – construction and maintenance
• Asphalt Paving
• Private and Industrial Drives
• Commercial Parking Lots
• Ware-houses
• Fencing works

Machinery and Technologies Implemented

Powerman has to its credit a hand-picked fleet of machinery powered to meet the Team’s requirements. From Asphalting Pavers and Wheel Loaders to Steel Rollers and Pneumatic Rollers, the best-branded
the machinery enables the team to further simplifying the process. When it comes to managing a large workforce, it is too important to ignore the need for a powerful administration tool. Powerman understands
this need and has implemented a tool comprehensive enough to meet the daily, weekly and monthly workforce management. Enabling a single point database access, the tool is the best bet for shift management, productivity assessment and studying the phase of the ongoing projects.

Technical Manpower Division

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