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To many companies looking to expand their businesses to the Middle East, the topic of company formation and the associated requirements is complex, and often times confusing. So we thought, rather than talk through all the ins and outs, we should show you how we helped one of our clients through their business setup.

Here’s how we helped Ampelmann B.V setup in Qatar, and save 36%* on business setup costs, and 42%* on their service fees.



Ampelmann Operations B.V needed to find an experienced local partner in Qatar who could offer a secure business set-up solution – protecting their investment, brand equity and management control – while supporting their growth across the region.


Ampelmann chose Fusion Middle East to become their local partner in Qatar, and to engage their end-to-end company formation services for the establishment of their local Limited Liability Company. Ampelmann later extended their market presence – expanding to Dubai – choosing Fusion Middle East to become their local partner in the UAE.


Fusion Middle East developed a cost-efficient company set-up solution resulting in cost savings of 36%* on company formation services, and 42%* on associated service fees. Fusion Middle East ensured a precise and efficient local set-up for Ampelmann in Qatar, successfully obtaining the Commercial Registration within only 2 months of receiving the signed proposal, and obtaining the General Managers RP within only 4 months, minimising lead time for commencing operational activity.



The concept of the Ampelmann system was conceived in Berlin at an offshore wind conference during 2002. A flight simulator upside down, capable of compensating all six degrees of freedom of a vessel and making transferring offshore much safer. The code name Ampelmann was born to illustrate that the system should enable ‘Offshore access as easy as crossing the street’.

The first research thesis was started at the Delft University of Technology in 2003 to consider the possibilities of such an inventive idea and a patent followed in 2004. A scale model was built in 2005 followed by a prototype the following year. The prototype, called the Demonstrator, was tested onshore and shown to the public in the home town Delft in the summer. Later that year the system was fully tested onshore and in the port.

At the end of the year the system reached its major goal: the first ever offshore transfers were made on the North Sea using an Ampelmann. The company was established to bring the new successful innovation to the market.

Today, headquartered in The Netherlands, Ampelmann provides smart, motion-compensating platforms to access offshore installations in the oil, gas and offshore wind industries. Their equipment is built with sophisticated technology to ensure it is safer and more efficient for employees and equipment to access their offshore operations. “Our standards are extremely high. We enable personnel to go to and from work safely, all over the world; it’s an achievement to be extremely proud of”, explained Jayne Moran, Ampelmann Country Manager.

Globally, Ampelmann continue to go from strength to strength recently celebrating having achieved three million safe offshore transfers worldwide. With offices in 8 locations around the world, and between 250-400 employees regularly moving on and offshore, Ampelmann has truly secured their position as global leaders, changing the world of offshore access in terms of safety, efficiency and reliability.


By 2014, Ampelmann had been growing at a tremendous rate, already becoming a true market leader. They had established operations from their headquarters in The Netherlands, and had successfully expanded to Singapore, however were having more difficulty penetrating the Middle Eastern markets.

A regional market assessment verified that Qatar offered the highest potential for growth over all the other GCC countries, which was further validated by considerable local business prospects. As a result, Ampelmann aimed to strategically expand its offshore systems using Qatar as the key market for entry.

However, Jayne Moran, Country Manager of Ampelmann, realised that without a local sponsor and stable partner, expansion in Qatar was impossible. “When first visiting Qatar, I quickly came to realise that without an established corporate entity in the local market, it would be more difficult to do business here. Visiting clients and prospects on demand is the norm; meetings here are setup at the last minute and shift quite regularly.

Being based in Europe just wasn’t viable for building a sustainable Middle Eastern business and expanding our client portfolio. To be taken seriously in the market we needed to establish a local presence.”

For Ampelmann executives, having no previous experience with navigating the intricacies of the Qatari market, it was critical that they could find an experienced local partner who could provide utmost transparency, but wouldn’t interfere in the day-to-day running of their business.

Therefore, the Ampelmann team began tendering for a local partner that could: provide long-term stability for their investment in a cost-effective manner, function like an extension of their business with honest and reliable services, and could navigate through all the local regulations while allowing Ampelmann the freedom to manage and grow their business.


After evaluating several corporate partnership options, Fusion Middle East ultimately became Ampelmann’s partner of choice to handle the end-to-end company formation of their Limited Liability Company.

Using local market insights and an established network of contacts, Fusion Middle East took effective steps to liaise with government ministries, obtained all necessary commercial licenses and residence permits: ensuring a quick and secure company set-up.

As part of their local market assessment, Ampelmann explored various options for conducting business locally, including individual agent agreements and other partnership corporations.

“We chose Fusion Middle East because they approached us with ample information, they were transparent about potential challenges and delays to manage our expectations about the process, had a stable foundation in their business which ensured security for our investment and took the time to understand what we needed as a business.

More importantly, it came down to a gut feeling that this was going to be a partnership relationship between the two organisations, and not just a contractual transaction.”

Working closely with Ampelmann, the Fusion Middle East team firstly identified that a Limited Liability Company (LLC) was the most suitable company formation solution to meet Ampelmann’s business objectives in Qatar. An LLC agreement allows the company to carry out and fulfil an unlimited number of contracts simultaneously; having no limit on the goods and services the company sells* – which is a benefit that is not available under other company establishment types.

However, to complete the LLC establishment, Ampelmann was required to have a local partner who would take on responsibility for a minimum of 51% of the local company shareholding. While this is often cited as a pain point for foreign businesses, Fusion Middle East – with 100% Qatari ownership in Qatar – could act as the local partner in addition to assisting with completing the company formation process and all associated Corporate and PRO (Visa and Immigration) services, while still protecting Ampelmann’s investment and ensuring maximum return to the company.

During the initial stages of the company formation, Fusion Middle East provided Ampelmann with guidance for choosing the right commercial activities and assisted in obtaining the company name approval, which most closely matched the parent company, protecting their brand equity.

On the day of incorporation, the dedicated team at Fusion Middle East personally assisted with the share capital deposit and opening of Ampelmann’s corporate bank account enabling the Authorised Signatory to complete all banking and document signing requirements within the same day, resulting in obtaining the Commercial Registration as quickly as the following day.

Once all the required incorporation processes had been completed, Fusion Middle East carried out completion of the associated PRO services which included obtaining the company computer card, labour quota and trade license approvals seamlessly, in under 2 months.

Leveraging extensive local market experience, potential delays in obtaining certain work visas were anticipated and clearly communicated during the initial scoping phase. Therefore, although complex ministerial requirements contributed to initial delays in obtaining the General Manager’s residential permit, Fusion Middle East was able counter them without causing significant interruptions, keeping everything on track according to plan.

As a result, the entire company formation process – from signed proposal, to receiving the General Manager’s Qatar ID – took under four months to complete enabling Ampelmann to quickly get started doing business in Qatar.


Through developing a solid understanding of Ampelmann’s business needs and requirements for their local establishment, Fusion Middle East could quickly develop a cost-effective company set-up solution which resulted in substantial savings for the company.

By choosing Fusion Middle East, Ampelmann saved 36%* on Company Formation costs, and almost 42%* on associated service fees. Fusion Middle East was further able to ensure a precise and efficient local set-up for Ampelmann in Qatar, by successfully obtaining the Commercial Registration within only 2 months of receiving the signed proposal, and obtaining the General Managers RP within only 4 months.

Since establishment in 2014, Ampelmann in Qatar has celebrated numerous high value contracts with several local and international oil companies and taken on the next step in their Middle Eastern expansion by growing to the UAE with a long-term contract on the horizon with another major player in the industry.

Ampelmann has projects in the Middle East ranging from a couple of weeks up to ten years or more. The regional office has enabled Ampelmann to move from one contract when they set up in 2014 to six at any one given time; with several more in the pipeline. Ampelmann sees the Middle East as a huge part of their future business growth.

It is critical to Ampelmann Middle East to embrace the local culture and ways of doing business whilst maintaining their own strong safety values and company identity across the globe.

From the relationship built over the past 3 years, Ampelmann approached Fusion Middle East to once again become their local partner in the UAE, and to assist with the end-to-end formation of their new company establishment. For Fusion Middle East, this meant expanding their service capacity beyond just Qatar; acting as a catalyst to further strengthen their service portfolio, and seek out additional ways in which to support the needs of their partners, making Ampelmann the inaugural client for Fusion Middle East in Dubai.

For further information about Ampelmann, please contact Jayne Moran, Country Manager, +974 3048 2404.


We understand that finding a transparent and trustworthy partner is the most critical step for your business. Fusion Middle East provides the security investors need to establish their business within Qatar or the UAE, offering reliable support and service that allows our clients to evolve and develop, encouraging them to succeed, and supporting them in their ambition.

Established in 2010, founded by our Managing Director, John Forde.

Fusion Middle East has 100% Qatari-ownership in Qatar, and 100% Emirati ownership in the UAE, providing extensive opportunities for foreign investors across the region.

Acting as the local partner, we mitigate risks by offering secure and stable business establishment options for your business in Qatar or the UAE, and equip you with local market insights, industry knowledge, and our expertise, helping you to pave a path for success.

With our reliable corporate services, bespoke business solutions and local market expertise we strive to help our clients reach their objectives with ease, transparency and proficiency.

Finding the right local partner for your business is critical in the Middle East. Do not leave your future to chance. Get in touch with us, and we will help you to make the best first step.

With Fusion Middle East, you’ll rest assured knowing that our partnership is supported by:

  • 50+ years’ experience in the local market,
  • Transparent communication,
  • Reliable and professional service,
  • Secure business agreements protecting your investment,
  • Access to a broad local network,
  • And, a dedicated team who understand you and your business needs, and are available 24/7.


Get in touch with or team today.  Arrange a free business consultation to find out how we can help you and your business grow in the Middle East.


*Cost savings calculated based on competitor quote comparisons.