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Want to find out more about document attestation in Qatar? This is the place to be. In this post, we will cover all the important info you’ll need to know about the attestation of documents from your home country, so that they can be accepted here in Qatar.

What is document attestation?

As an expat in Qatar, you will need to provide a range of documents from your home country in order to get a visa, get a job, get an apartment, and get your family settled. But, for these documents to be accepted in Qatar, they will need to be proved genuine.

Which is where attestation comes in. Attestation is an official verification of a document, proving that it is authentic. Getting a document attested for authenticity usually involves having its validity checked by the relevant authority, to then have it signed, sealed or stamped to state that it is genuine.

Why do you need to have documents attested?

Each country does things differently. Each has its own procedures and its own legal system. That means legal documents can differ greatly according to their country of origin. For outsiders assessing those documents, it would be hard to know whether they are authentic or forged.

When documents are attested, their authenticity is proven. This allows outsiders with no knowledge of the processes or procedures of a document’s country of origin to know beyond doubt that it is genuine.

What types of documents need to be attested?

Expats living and working in Qatar have to provide a number of documents to the authorities to allow them to stay here legally. Depending on the type of document required – and the authority requesting it – it may need to be attested before it can be assessed.

So, what documents will you need to get attested? That really depends on what you are looking to do here in Qatar. Whether you are applying for a job or establishing a business, applying for a driver’s license or opening a bank account, you will need to provide the relevant attested documents.

In Qatar, the documents that need to be attested generally fit within one of three categories: personal, commercial, and educational. Here are some examples of each:
1. Personal: Birth certificate, adoption certificate, health certificate, employment letter, driver’s license, death certificate.</li>
2. Commercial: Certificate of Origin, Memorandum of Association, tax returns, annual returns, Certificate of Incumbency.</li>
3. Educational: Secondary school, diploma, degree, masters and Ph.D. certificates, and transcripts.

To find out more about recent changes to the procedures applied to educational certificate attestation, read our post here.

How long does attestation take?

How long should you expect the process of attestation to take? That depends on a number of factors, including the type of document being attested. It will also depend on how quickly the embassy turns around the request, and the Qatari department that is reviewing it.

While some documents may only take a few days to be attested, some may take weeks. It’s also worth bearing in mind how public holidays and religious observances such as Ramadan may affect the turnaround, as this may lengthen the process.

Should you handle it yourself?

While it is certainly possible for you to arrange for attestation of documents, it may not be the easiest way to get things done. Unless you follow the correct procedure down to the letter, you may find your documents rejected by the authorities in Qatar. This could result in expenses you weren’t expecting, and the added hassle of attempting the process again.

At Fusion, we offer attestation services that work to make your life easier. By taking it out of your hands, you leave it in the care of professionals with years of experience, whose very job it is to make sure everything is done correctly first time, every time.

To find out more about how Fusion can help with your attestation needs – and anything else you may need as you get settled in Qatar.